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Since 2004, You can store your growing collection of wines and other brews in a climate-controlled self-storage unit at NEVADA WINE STORAGE. At our wine storage facilities we have specially designed wine and cold storage units available in several sizes. These units are designed to keep your wines at a constant, optimal temperature and humidity level to secure your investment.

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Private Collection Storage

Nevada Wine Storage provides the ideal environment for long-term wine storage to help it mature to its full potential.

NWS has custom wine lockers that can hold from 9 to 100+ wine cases. The actual number of wine cases that fit depends on the case type (i.e., wooden crates, foam shippers, etc.).

We also offer custom wine lockers and wine storage rooms if your needs exceed those parameters.

Wine pallets can also be stored in a secured bulk storage area accessible only by accompaniment of our staff.


An important factor for a wine to properly mature is temperature. Our wine storage facility is designed to keep the cellar at an ideal 55° F year around.


As critical to the ageing process. Our cellar is designed to sustain 54% to 70% humidity levels, using dedicated humidification equipment.


Since ultraviolet light can be harmful to wine, our cellar bars any natural light entering and our light sensors keep the cellar completely dark.


Our cellar is protected with high-security doors with all access points & interior monitored 24/7 by CCTV. The premises are also monitored by a security firm. Backup generator on site


Store, Manage, Transport and Appraise Your Wine Collection

We can help you to manage, transport and appraise your wine collection.
With our experts, we can advise you on tasting, research, and the drinkability of your wine.  We are dedicated to storing your collection in the optimal conditions


Wine storage options for everyone

Our rates starts at $75* a month for a locker of W 48 inc X L 46inc  X H 28inc with a capacity up to 24 cases (no shipping case)/264 bottles.
$150* a month for a locker of W 48 inc X L 46inc  X H 56inc with a capacity up to 24 cases (no shipping case)/264 bottles.
Palette, and bulk also available. Please fill up the inquiry form below. We do accept major credit card (additional 4% fee) and check.
*with a 12 months contract pay upfront. Monthly rates also available


Always here to help...

How much do you charge?
Starting at $75 for a private locker, good for up to 24 cases Bordeaux shape, (268 bottles). If you store your wines in shipping boxes, you will fit less.

Size of locker?
48″ deep, 46″ wide and various heights, maximum palette size 62″.

Priced by bottle?
Average around $2/$3 per bottle per year.

What time do you open each day?
We are open on Wednesday and Friday morning 9 am to 12pm, rest of the week by appointment only with 24 hours notice.

Do you have a Generator ?                                                                                        Yes we do have Backup generator on site.

If everyone in a room how do I gain access to my wine?
You will be able to put a lock on your private locker inside the cellar.

Can i ship my wine directly via Fedex/UPS or from winery?
We can not receive wine from Fedex/UPS or winery directly.
However we can receive full collections by appointments. A stacker will be on hand to unload truck if no lift gate is available.

Who can pack and ship my wine?
Any moving company, Better to use Bordeaux shape cases. We can provide them at $8 per box.

Do you store by the day, week or month?
Minimum 3 months contract pay upfront.

Shipping company can not give me exact day or time of day. Will you open when they arrive?
We require 24 hours notice.

Will you accept my wine if I’m not there?

Do you have a loading dock?
No dock, palette jack and fully motorized stalker.

Do you do Inventory?
Yes, we offer inventory service of your wine collection. Each cases will be labelled and numbered to help to localize your wines.

What about insurance?
Your wine is cover by your home insurance, if no cover then we can recommend a broker. we do not insure your wine.

Which method of payment do you take?

Check, cash or credit card (major credit card with additional fee of 4%).

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